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Brooke Goodman

Former A&F model Brooke Goodman joined Charlatan in 2020 with an eye on the Millennials.

Brook Goodman

Brooke Goodman studied sociology at North Florida University, and her first article entitled the "Black Swan Effect" chronicled how Millennials reacted, confronted, and overcame the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Her exclusive "Abercrombie & Fitch: Always Evolving" rocked the New York apparel industry.

Brooke is currently a
Process Improvement & Workflow Manager at MSS Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Articles by Brooke Goodman

Black Swan Effect

The Black Swan effect describes an event that comes as a surprise & has a major effect. Contributor BROOKE GOODMAN observes how the Millennials are confronting Covid-19.

Abercrombie & Fitch: Always Evolving

The retailer stalked men, women, teens and kids over the past century. Former A&F model BROOKE GOODMAN explains why their online customer will be the most elusive catch of all.

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