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Charlatan calls on the Halls of Power Around the World

Charlatan calls on the Halls of Power Around the World

2024 Cuban Coup

As protests, power outages and food shortages sweep Cuba, America signals freedom for western hemisphere, and ominous change in Castro regime and communism in coming days.

The Queen of El Plata

A mecca to immigrants from all over the world, Charlatan checks into the Four Seasons Buenos Aires and finds the memory of Eva Paron among Argentina's melting pot of nationalies.

Cancun: The Forest of Kings

It's where Mayans pay tribute to the sun. Contributor KIM GREEN embarks for Cancun to swim the turtles and discover ancient rituals of the Mayan civilization.

The Big Smoke

Its the world's most visited city. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS opts for a staycation in a quixotic enclave in cosmpolitan London.

Hong Kong: Fortune's Bazaar

One China. Two Systems? Charlatan checks-in to the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong and discovers a command economy colliding with free market capitalism.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Charlatan checks-in to the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and discovers rebuke, reform and the inevitable River of Kings in Thailand.

The Invisible Bridge

America is ostensibly two nations barely on speaking terms. Charlatan checks-in to the Four Seasons Budapest to learn where their story ends.

Puttin' on the Ritz

Charlatan checks out the neoclassical masterpiece in the heart of London and learns why this hotel's customs feel tried, true, and contemporary.

Bride of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was signed at Trinon Palace. Charlatan checks-in to the Waldorf Astoria and learns that power is where power goes.

The Prague Sonata

Czechia is the newest name for the Czech Republic, and the latest incarnation for the Kingdom of Bohemia. Charlatan checks-in to Four Seasons Prague and discovers a progressive & enchantingly modern world.

Lords of the Atlas

How did Morocco avert the Arab Spring? Charlatan travels to Africa and discovers a savvy constitutional monarch, a vibrant cosmopolitan culture, and the kismit of both at the resplendent La Sultana Marrakesh.

Lost in Florence

Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Contributor BRENDA WENSIL visits the Four Seasons Hotel Florence: and discovers the paintings, antiques and masters that created the modern age.

The InterContinental Effect

The InterContinental Hotel has commandeered Boston’s revolutionary harbor in a way the Redcoats never could. With accomodation, soft skills and next level concierge on a cosmopolitan seaport.

The Lion Palace

Guarded by two marble lions at the entrance, Charlatan explores the 19th-century royal palace in St. Petersburg where the opulent imperial Russia once claimed to rule the world.

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