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David St. Jean

David St. Jean is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional medicine and joined the Charlatan in 2020.

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David St. Jean

David St. Jean is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional medicine, clinical researcher, author and wellness consultant. He resides in Andover Massachusetts and is in residence at inBalance Chiropractic & Wellness. His passions include; organic/sustainable farming, culinary arts, music and family.

At St. Jean Wellness, a Telehealth platform, David provides additional lifestyle counseling including; functional medicine, clinical nutrition, and life coaching to patients throughout the country.

St. Jean specializes in providing an integrative functional medicine approach to anxiety; specializing in a systems based biology approach to finding the root cause of depression. He provides free cutting edge health information to welcome patients to begin their wellness journey.

David St. Jean joined the Charlatan in 2020 with an essay "The Alchemy of Covid-19."

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Articles by David St. Jean

The Alchemy of Functional Medicine

Science is consistency & conclusion. Constant evolution makes that evanescent.

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