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Dylan A. Smith

Dylan Smith joined Charlatan Magazine in 2015 as a columnist, featurist and collaborator.

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Dylan A. Smith

An alumnus from The University of Nevada, Dylan Smith was a columnist for UNR's student magazine and Director of the Literature and Arts Journal. A nature retreat and two-month isolation from technology resulted in an article “The Weight of Texting: One Summer. No Phone,” and he’s proud to have conducted his first interview with policy expert Michael Shellenberger about his critical essay "Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Power of Possibility."

Newsweek's Middle East editor Janine di Giovanni arrived in Damascus as the capital was tumbling down the rabbit-hole of war, and Smith spoke in-depth with the author about how Syria's Civil War triggered the largest migrant crisis in human history.

He also spoke with White House National Security Council's Victor Cha about the “The Impossible State,” and to Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward Larson to compare the first presidential race to the last in "A Magnificent Catastrophe."

As the President of the United States prepared to address a joint session of congress in 2018, Smith went to Trump Tower to report on the historic State of the Union Address. A hard-hitting article entitled "Meet the Trumps" launched his recurring column entitled "Empire: Following America’s Immigrants to the Empires they Built."

The promise of a wall along the Mexico boarder put Nevada Governor Gary Sandoval's Mexican heritage into play, while Korean fashion designer Yuna Yang acknowledged the #MeToo Movement in her Spring 2018 collection. Whether on a nature retreat, the Governor's manse, or at Fashion Week in New York, Smith has and continues to explore the inclusion, spirit and consequence of the 'New American Moment.' Dylan Smith resides in New York City.

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Articles by Dylan A. Smith

State of the Union

As the U.S. Congress assembles for the maiden speech of the 45th President of the United States, contributor DYLAN SMITH checks in at Trump Tower to listen and learn about the State of the Union.

New American Moment

Construction of the controversial Mexico—U.S. Barrier Wall has begun. Contributor DYLAN SMITH explores how DACA, Dreamers and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval are informing the New American Moment.

A Magnificent Catastrophe

Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward Larson compares the first presidential race to the last, and tells DYLAN SMITH why dirty tricks and a 2-party system are the crux of a democracy in "A Magnificent Catastrophe."

The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future

White House Security Advisor Victor Cha pulls back the curtain on the Kim Dynasty and future of the Hermit Kingdom.

Break Through

From the death of enviornmentalism to the politics of possilbity, contributor DYLAN SMITH chats with Michael Shellenberger about the fallacy of environmental politics and the future of a sustainable economy in “Break Through."

The Morning They Came For Us

Newsweek's Janine di Giovanni arrived in Damascus at the onset of Syria's Civil War. Contributor DYLAN SMITH chats with the war correspondent about the conflict, casualties and Syrian Refugee Crisis in "The Morning They Came For Us."

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